“Praying Out the Mysteries”

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As we begin this year of 2016, let us not forget to pray out the mysteries of what lies ahead. (Scripture: 1 Corinthians 14:2) Let us take time in prayer praying in the Holy Ghost to pray out what we don’t know about. There are things that the Father God has already predestined and ordained that we receive; Blessings that He has already assigned for us. Giftings and Mantles that He wants us to operate in by His Grace.
In the plan of God for us there are lives he wants us to empower and divine connections He wants us to make. These connections may be opportunities to lead people to Christ or to walk into promotions, pay-raises, starting businesses, increase our businesses and ministries. The possibilities are endless in what the Holy Spirit (Jeremiah. 29:11) can reveal and manifest for us that we did not see. When we pray in the Holy Spirit (in other tongues) we pray out our future and we are ahead of the enemy. Plots and plans he has set up for us are destroyed, blown up, annihilated (no weapon formed…Isaiah. 54:17) nullified and made void against us because we got them before his weapons were launched against us and even while they were being formed. (He gives his angels charge over us…. Psalms 91:11) We have already released our angelic forces to move ahead of us and destroy enemy traps and entanglements and making every crooked path straight so we can live free of distraction and demonic assignments that can get us stuck or side-tracked off the path of God by causing delay and missed opportunities.
This year we will pray ahead by praying in the spirit. This morning as I spend quality time with the Holy Spirit allowing him to pray through me, the plans and purposes of God for my life and those I am called to. I will live a life of greater victory and peace. I will stay in sync with the Holy Spirit, I will be on time, in time and in the perfect will of God. You will too as you practice the art of praying out the mysteries. (scripture… Romans 8:26) For example, a situation may arise two months from now, but you have already been there in the spirit, so you first ask the Holy Ghost for wisdom and he will show you what to do and how to respond without struggling to hear him because the aid and support is not hindered by demonic clouds or confusion. The way of escape has been made and the pathway is clear. You will know what door to take, you will see the answer clearly, you will walk in the spirit. Tragedies are aborted, you will see and hear clearer than ever before because you yielded to the manifold wisdom of God. Yes, we set goals, yes we ask for the desires of our heart. But we also trust the Holy Spirit to show us things to come (scripture John 16:13). Yes, we trust him to do “exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think”.
I only know in part but he knows what I really want, what I really need, what the Father has prepared for me for this year and the rest of my life. I want the full manifestation of all the blessings Do you want them too? If so, then begin praying this way. Does this mean that I will never have another test or trial, NO! (scripture: Jesus said in this world some tests are allowed by the Father God for our growth. “Jesus learned obedience through the things he suffered (not sin) but in his flesh. We will pass every test and overcome every trial if we maintain a consistent prayer life, stay in the Word of God and pray out the mysteries of his will for us which is triumphant in Christ Jesus.

If you are a new prayer you may ask how do I do this… how do I pray out the mysteries?

1. Simply say “Father God I trust the Holy Ghost to pray through me your plans and purposes for 2016. Holy Spirit I now set my focus to pray in tongues (“How be it in the spirit”) your plans for my life. I thank you for your grace to stay focused and pray out my future.” Then begin praying in the spirit (in other tongues). You may begin to utter words in English for he will give you interpretation at times of things you are praying. Just keep yielding to the Holy Ghost because he will give the utterance.
2. Have a notebook or record yourself to note the things he says to you or that you pray out.
3. Pray every day this way thirty minutes to an hour aside from your normal praying in prayer groups or interceding for a family member or friend.

                        PRAYER IS SO EXCITING!!!!!